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The EEGAD Mission

Eclectiq Executive Group Awareness Discussions (EEGAD) are a tailored series of live sessions helping board directors come up to speed on some of the things they can be expected to discuss and understand about how to govern a small company, non-profit or enterprise. 

Our mission is to give you the tools to guide your organization through the challenges of the 21st century.

Notice the 4-finger left hand and the fact that the tailor forgot to remove the executive from the suit while working on an alteration.

Image Credit: a canva.com AI prompt: a tailor fitting a female client for a business suit looking in a mirror

Five week short course introducing boardroom executives to the concepts, knowledge, governance function, and high-level overviews of topics in cybersecurity to be successful contributors in the modern boardroom.

Inside the D-Wave Two (TM) quantum computer housed at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility, this dilution refrigerator cools the 512-qubit Vesuvius (TM) processor to 20 millikelvin (near absolute zero)—more than 100 times colder than interstellar space.
Image Credit: NASA Ames / John Hardman

Quantum Security

Featuring emerging trends and technology for the near future when quantum computing achieves "quantum supremacy" based on the World Economic Forum working group dedicated to the topic ...coming soon!

Maritime security facilities must also contend with vessel security risks and OT (Operations Technology) attack vectors when modernizing their approach to protecting critical infrastructure.

Image Credit: shipping container crane at Domino Sugar Park, Brooklyn, NY

Three week short course for FSOs to incorporate OT & IT alignment in addressing Department of Homeland Security CFR Title 33 requirements for adding cybersecurity to existing security plans and training ...coming soon!

Discussion-based exercise for personnel meet to validate the content of an incident response plan by discussing their roles and responsibilities during an emergency and their responses to a particular situation.
Image Credit: a canva.com AI prompt: shallow focus picture of stratego board game pieces

Tabletop Exercises

Delivering effective tabletop exercises is a powerful security awareness tool that organizations and their security teams can wield in their pursuit of risk mitigation ...coming soon!



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